2016 Issues

September 2016

VA Secretary Pushes Passage of Bipartisan ‘Veterans First’ Bill

With only months left of the Obama administration, VA Secretary Robert McDonald called on veteran advocacy groups to pressure lawmakers to pass key legislation this year, including appeals reform.

September 2016

VA Work Inspired Radiologist’s Research, Book About Mitochondrial Issues

Mark Hom, MD, says he began seriously thinking about the biology behind fitness during a “midlife crisis.”

September 2016

VHA Medical Services Comparable or Better Than Outside Care

The safety and effectiveness of treatment provided by the VHA is sometimes superior to that offered outside the federal healthcare system.

September 2016

Alabama Mobility Program Helps Veterans Recover from ‘Toxic’ Bedrest

It’s not a widely-publicized problem, but many elderly patients never recover the mobility they lose during a hospital stay.

September 2016

TBI Evaluations Conducted by Inappropriate VA Staff

With thousands of traumatic brain injury (TBI) examinations not conducted by designated specialists, the VA is offering to reprocess disability claims for affected veterans.

September 2016

Waiting to Treat Low-Risk Prostate Cancer Doesn’t Lessen Quality of Life

By Brenda L. Mooney SEATTLE—With active surveillance (AS) an increasingly important alternative to surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation treatment for men diagnosed with low-risk prostate cancer, clinicians have been unsure how that affects patients’ health-related quality... View Article

September 2016

Low Vitamin D Linked to Aggressive PC

CHICAGO—Aggressive prostate cancer appears to be linked to low levels of vitamin D, according to a new study. The report, published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, suggests its finding is important, because it can... View Article

September 2016

Prostate Cancer Risk Not Linked to ‘T’ Therapy

SEATTLE—With increased prescribing of testosterone (T) during the past decade, concerns have grown about long-term health risks associated with T treatment, including the risk of prostate cancer. A study presented at the American Urological Association... View Article

September 2016

Primary Care-Based Treatment Improved PTSD, Depression Without Stigma

By Brenda L. Mooney SANTA MONICA, CA – Can enhanced primary care treatment help alleviate the stigma some military servicemembers fear when told to seek mental healthcare? A new study suggests it can. Military members... View Article

September 2016

Pharmacists Play Big Role in More-Restrictive IHS Opioid Prescribing Rules

By Annette M. Boyle ROCKVILLE, MD—This summer, the Indian Health Service (IHS) instituted new rules for pharmacists and providers designed to reduce abuse and overuse of opioids, making it one of the first agencies to... View Article

September 2016

White House Action Increases Opioid Prescription Monitoring at VA

By Annette M. Boyle WASHINGTON—The White House’s announcement this summer of new steps to address the prescription opioid and heroin epidemic had a mixed message for the VA: While the administration specifically praised the VA’s... View Article

September 2016

VA Explores Pain Management Alternatives to Delay Opioid Use

By Annette M. Boyle WASHINGTON—Since the rollout of the VA’s Opioid Safety Initiative in 2014, the department has aggressively focused on developing non-narcotic alternatives to reduce opioid use for chronic pain. Now, attention is turning... View Article

September 2016

VA’s Future Debated by Presidential Candidates, Congress

In what he said was his “final major address” to the nation’s veterans last month, President Barack Obama defended his administration’s record on veterans’ issues and decried any suggestion that VA should be privatized.

September 2016

Timing of Flu in HIV Patients Vaccinated Early

SAN DIEGO – Past research has shown that patients with HIV infection vaccinated early in the flu season are generally more likely to contract influenza or influenza-like illness (ILI), compared with those receiving late vaccination.... View Article

September 2016

Staph, Influenza Co-Infection Increases Mortality

IOWA CITY, IA – Co-infection with Staphylococcus aureus and influenza more than quadruples the risk of death compared to those without influenza, according to a new study. The article published recently in the national Centers... View Article

September 2016

VA Healthcare Workers Have Relatively Low Flu Vaccine Rates

ANN ARBOR, MI—Multiple national recommendations encourage all healthcare workers to get the influenza vaccination, thereby reducing the chance they will pass the virus on to their patients. Despite a patient population of older and sicker... View Article

September 2016

For Veterans and Armed Forces, Risk Remains Despite Flu Shots

While influenza vaccine is the first line of defense against an infectious disease that can dramatically affect troop readiness, it is far from 100% effective.

September 2016

Individual commitment to a group effort

The Maryland Governor’s Cup Yacht Race is the oldest and longest distance overnight sailing race in Maryland. This year marked the 43rd running of the race, traditionally held over the first weekend of August.

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