Navy Medicine: Strong, Agile and Ready

By Vice Adm. Matthew L. Nathan, U.S. Navy surgeon general and chief, U.S. Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery

Vice Adm. Matthew L. Nathan

As we approach the upcoming year, I am proud to say that the state of Navy Medicine is strong, agile and ready. We have streamlined the Navy Medicine enterprise this past year and look forward to meeting our mission of enabling readiness, wellness and providing healthcare to sailors, Marines, their families and our more than one million beneficiaries worldwide — be it on land or at sea. I am truly honored to be at the helm of this 63,000-person organization, which continues to provide world-class care, anytime, anywhere. Everywhere I get the chance, I highlight the many accomplishments of the Navy healthcare team.

I would like to provide you with a snapshot of Navy Medicine to show the breakdown of our active duty and reserve force:

Medical Corps

Physicians: 4,373

Active Duty: 3,813

Reservists: 560

Nurse Corps

Nurses: 4,112

Active Duty: 2,948

Reservists: 1,164

Dental Corps

Dentists: 1,351

Active Duty: 1,083

Reservists: 268

Medical Service Corps

MSC Officers: 2,954

Active Duty: 2,622

Reservists: 332

Hospital Corps

Corpsmen: 30,670

Active Duty: 26,203

Reservists: 4,467

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