December 2010

Don’t judge a book by its cover

‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ is perhaps the most common phrase in the English language used to convey the idea that one should not judge the worth of something based on outward appearance. A wounded warrior, friend,… Read More

Recent Endocrinology Studies, December 2010

Becaplermin Use and Cancer Risk in Veterans with Diabetes Objective: This is an observational study of VA patients with diabetes. REGRANEX® (becaplermin) is topical medication used to treat lower extremity diabetic neuropathic ulcers. VA patients with diabetic foot ulcers who… Read More

Recent Pain Studies

Virtual Reality in Burn Pain Management Sponsor: United States Army Institute of Surgical Research Purpose: To examine the safety and efficacy of virtual reality distraction therapy in burn patients experiencing severe procedural pain during wound care. Identifier: NCT00593086 Developing… Read More

CDC Projects Potential for Sharp Rise in Diabetes Prevalence

WASHINGTON, DC—The number of US adults with diabetes is expected to rise, according to CDC. The agency estimates that as many as one in three US adults could have diabetes by 2050. CDC projects that the prevalence is expected to… Read More

Warfarin Works with Either At-Home or Clinic Testing

WASHINGTON, DC—Patients taking warfarin, a widely used blood-thinning pill that requires careful dose monitoring, have similar outcomes whether they come to a clinic or use a self-testing device at home, according to a recent VA study.  The findings, published in the… Read More

Research Examines Link Between PTSD and Inflammation

BETHESDA, MD—The science into the biological mechanisms behind the psychological symptoms of PTSD is still in its infancy, but studies have linked PTSD to other serious health problems, including cardiovascular disease, chronic pain, fatigue, and metabolic disorders. Research funded by… Read More

Researchers Battle Genetic Diversity of Virus in Search for HIV Vaccine

BETHESDA, MD—While the hunt for an HIV vaccine has run into a number of roadblocks the past few years, researchers are still meticulously searching for aspects of the virus and the transmission process that could prove to be viable targets… Read More

Worldwide HIV Elimination Difficult but Necessary, Leading Researcher Contends

—————————————— We Want to Hear From You Has globalization increased our ability to fight disease, our vulnerability to disease, or both?Please click here to participate in this month’s U.S. Medicine readership poll. BETHESDA, MD— “In 1981, we… Read More

IHS Tackles HIV Issues with Online Training and New Initiatives

WASHINGTON, DC—Providers play an important role in HIV prevention and care, and IHS is hoping to help providers carry out that role through online training that was developed last year. IHS in collaboration with community members and Native American healers… Read More

Aging Population Provides New Challenges in Treating HIV

WASHINGTON, DC—VA not only has the largest HIV care program in the country, but the largest HIV geriatric care program in the country. VA cares for over 24,000 HIV-positive patients, 120 of whom are older than 80. This gives VA… Read More