August 2011

Congressional Testimony Fuels Debate on Deployment-Related Respiratory Disease

WASHINGTON — A pulmonary physician recently testified at a Senate subcommittee hearing about the number of troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with moderate to severe respiratory diseases, underscoring the growing debate about whether deployment to those theaters of operations… Read More

Despite Modest Past, Copper May Be Invaluable in Preventing Hospital Infections

At one point, copper was so inexpensive, it was used to make pennies. Now, a form of the metal may save not only money, but also lives, when used on commonly-touched items in hospital patient rooms. A multi-site clinical trial… Read More

GAO: Lack of Information on Inpatient Antibiotic Use Hampers Resistance Monitoring

WASHINGTON — Despite widespread warnings by federal health agencies about the dangers of antibiotic resistance, there are significant gaps in how HHS monitors those infections, according to the Government Accountability Office. A report released by GAO last month questions whether… Read More