May 2011

Staffer in the Spotlight: Ashley Clinton Offers Passageway to Mental Health Services For Returning Veterans

HOUSTON—For many veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan deployments, psychologist Ashley Clinton, PhD, is the first mental health professional they see and their entry-point to VA mental health care. Clinton joined VA at a momentous time for the agency’s mental… Read More

VA Leaders: Capital Construction Funds Essential for Meeting Veteran Needs

WASHINGTON—VA’s 10-year capital construction plan calls for an investment of $53 billion to $65 billion over that timeframe; however, this year the agency is asking for only $2.8 billion. This has legislators alternately questioning whether the amount for 2012… Read More

Progress Notes

JEREMY M. BERG, PHD, DIRECTOR OF THE NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF GENERAL MEDICAL SCIENCES (NIGMS), is a recipient of the 2011 Public Service Award from the American Chemical Society (ACS). The annual award recognizes outstanding contributions to public service or to… Read More

Current Research in Respiratory Care

Rates of Respiratory Diseases in HIV-Infected Veterans Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer, pulmonary hypertension and pulmonary fibrosis, as well as pulmonary infections, are more likely among HIV-infected patients than with uninfected patients, a recent study has suggested. … Read More

Knowledge of Risk Factors Not Necessarily Valuable in Predicting Cardiovascular Disease

BETHESDA, MD—Five years ago, NIH started promoting a paradigm of medicine—one that was predictive, personalized, preemptive and always with the participation of the patient. That paradigm began with the ability to predict who was at risk for certain diseases, including… Read More

NIH Releases Strategic Plan for Obesity Research

WASHINGTON—Recent months have seen a reinvigorated commitment to research targeted at curbing the obesity epidemic in the United States, including a number of completed studies from VA and DoD and the release of a new strategic plan from NIH. Plan… Read More

IHS Works to Resolve Management Problem, Still Underfunded Compared to Other Federal Health Programs, Director Says

WASHINGTON—The Senate Committee on Indian Affairs released an investigative report last year that found that an increasingly high number of Equal Employment Opportunity complaints (EEO) had been filed in the Aberdeen Area, which is made up of IHS and tribally-managed… Read More

In Effort to Reduce Costly Medical Errors, Military Facilities Set Up Anonymous Reporting

WASHINGTON—A study published in the April issue of Health Affairs found that medical errors cost the United States more than $17 billion a year. And, according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, medical errors and near miss events,… Read More

Congressional Funding to DoD for Cancer Research Approved Despite Resistance from Sen. John McCain

WASHINGTON—Cancer organizations were pleased that funding was not reduced for the peer-reviewed prostate, breast and ovarian cancer programs in DoD’s Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (CDMRP) in the FY 2011 Defense budget. “It is great that especially in this really… Read More

VA’s Expedited Process to Diagnosis, Treat Lung Cancer Can Make Bad Experience More Tolerable for Patients

PITTSBURGH—In 2000, if you were a patient at the Pittsburgh VAMC and were found to have a lung nodule, it took an average of six weeks to be evaluated for lung cancer. With the possibility of being diagnosed with a… Read More