2011 Issues

VA Opens Fifth Polytrauma Rehabilitation Center to Care for Wounded

SAN ANTONIO, TX–VA has dedicated a new polytrauma rehabilitation center (CRC) at the South Texas Veterans Health Care System (STVHCS) here. The state-of-the-art, $66 million inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation center will treat veterans and active-duty servicemembers with multiple, traumatic injuries. This… Read More

Military Resumes Adenovirus Vaccinations After More than a Decade Lapse

WASHINGTON — After more than a decade with military recruits vulnerable to adenovirus (ADV), DoD has begun inoculating personnel with a new vaccine to prevent the sometimes severe respiratory infection. Adenovirus Vaccine.jpg: Army recruit receives the adenovirus vaccine during basic… Read More

Senators: VA Not Responding Quickly Enough to Sexual Assault Disability Issues

WASHINGTON–With more than 3,000 servicemembers reporting military sexual assault (MST) just last year and with potentially nine times that many cases unreported during that time period, according to DoD, a lot of victims require VA mental-health services. The problem, according… Read More

VA Takes Steps to End Veteran Homelessness

WASHINGTON — When he took office, VA Secretary Eric Shinseki declared he would do his best to eradicate homelessness in the veteran population. He also noted that one of the biggest challenges is successfully reaching out and locating veterans who… Read More

New BRAC-Mandated Medical Center Locations Creating Traffic Gridlock

WASHINGTON — The new Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) and the Fort Belvoir Community Hospital (FBCH) are both designed to offer state-of-the-art medical care – assuming staff and patients can ever get to them. New signage for Wilford… Read More

Can Some Good Come from PTSD or Does the Bad Last for Generations?

WASHINGTON — Can some good eventually come from coping with high levels of psychological stress? Or, does PTSD not only affect returning troops but also their families for generations to come? As researchers grapple with helping troops deal with PTSD,… Read More

Lax Oversight of Outside Care Busts Phoenix VA’s Budget

PHOENIX — Extremely lax oversight of the use of outside care was blamed for a budget crisis at the Phoenix VA Healthcare System, according to a recently-released report from the VA Inspector General. The Arizona health system was forced to… Read More

Army Seeks to Take Back Prescription Drugs to Avoid Medication Abuse Errors

WASHINGTON — The Army is seeking permanent authority to accept unused or old prescription drugs from military healthcare beneficiaries who wish to get rid of them. In January, Gen. Peter Chiarelli, Army vice chief of staff, asked that the Drug… Read More

Award-Winning Army Pharmacist Touts Benefits of Military Service

WASHINGTON — When Army pharmacist Maj. Jeffrey Neigh joined the military, it was initially as a way to pay off his school debts. “I went to Duquesne [University] … in Pittsburgh. I would not have been able to afford to… Read More

HIV Drug Helps Block Herpes Virus

HIV Drug Helps Block Herpes Virus A recent discovery by NIH researchers has shown the mechanism by which an anti-HIV drug can stop the spread of the virus that causes genital herpes. Tenofovir, when applied as a vaginal gel,… Read More