January 2013

TRICARE Offers Free Vaccines at Retail Pharmacies, Reduces Healthcare Costs

Flu Immunization Milestone Reached Ahead of Schedule By Annette M. Boyle FALLS CHURCH, VA — An unusually early start to the influenza season propelled the DoD to reach its milestone of 90% vaccination of all uniformed personnel and required civilians… Read More

We make a living by what we get – We make a life by what we give

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” Winston Churchill 1874-1965 Editor-in-Chief, Chester ‘Trip’ Buckenmaier III, MD, COL, MC, USA I believe it is healthy and proper to reflect on the past… Read More

Military Recruits Benefit from Later Sleeping, Rising Hours

FORT LEONARD WOOD, MO – Rise and shine may not work as well with young military recruits awakened too early. That’s according to a new study published in the journal Sleep that found that accommodating adolescent sleep patterns significantly improved… Read More

Amygdala Volume Associated with Combat Veterans’ PTSD

Amygdala Volume Associated with Combat Veterans’ PTSD DURHAM, NC — Combat veterans with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) tend to have significantly smaller volume in an area of the brain critical for regulating fear and anxiety responses, according to a… Read More

Learning More About Spinal Injuries in Wounded Servicemembers

FORT SAM HOUSTON, TX –Even though spinal injuries can be extremely disabling for wounded servicemembers, exactly how the injuries occur and what damage they cause has not been fully understood. A new study recently published in the Journal of Bone… Read More

Higher Chest Injury Mortality Linked to Better Transport of Wounded

HOUSTON — Wounded patients with battlefield chest injuries sustained in Afghanistan and Iraq had higher mortality rates than did patients during the Korean and Vietnam wars, but that likely was because better transport and triage got more of the severely… Read More

Legionnaires’ Disease Kills Patient at Pittsburgh VAMC

By Stephen Spotswood Legionnaires’ disease usually is transmitted through a contaminated water source. PITTSBURGH – An outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease at a VA hospital in Pittsburgh has led to at least one death and sent hospital administration searching for the… Read More

Increasing Concentration of Veterans in Rural Areas Poses Challenges for VA

Most Vets Now Settle in Only a Few StatesBELLINGHAM, WA — Changing demographics for veterans in the United States, with most now settling in the South and the Southwest, often in rural areas, has potentially profound implications for how and… Read More

New CTE Study Categorizes Stages of Degenerative Brain Disease in Veterans, Athletes

By Brenda L. Mooney BOSTON – For the first time, researchers have categorized chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), the degenerative brain disease associated with repeated brain trauma in military combat and contact sports, into four stages of severity. In a recent… Read More

Longer Treatment of Male UTI Doesn’t Decrease Recurrence Rates

By Brenda L. Mooney MINNEAPOLIS – In a rare study that looked at optimal treatment of urinary tract infections (UTI) in men, researchers from the Minneapolis Veterans Health Care System found that treating the condition for more than a week… Read More