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Agent Orange Exposure Shows Link to Multiple Myeloma

Agent Orange Exposure Shows Link to Multiple Myeloma

Multiple myeloma has been classified as exhibiting “limited or suggestive evidence” of an association with exposure to herbicides in Vietnam War veterans.

Agent Orange Exposure Linked to Multiple Myeloma Precursor

NEW YORK — U.S. Air Force personnel who conducted aerial herbicide spray missions of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War had more than double the risk of monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS), according to a recent report. MGUS is… Read More

New Study: Prostate Cancer Diagnosed Five Years Earlier In Vietnam-Era Veterans Exposed to Agent Orange

PORTLAND, OR—Vietnam-era veterans exposed to Agent Orange are almost 50% more likely to develop prostate cancer than unexposed veterans, making exposure to the defoliate a higher risk factor than age and on par with family history for veterans, according to… Read More

New Forms Document Radiation Exposure for U.S. Military Personnel, Families in Japan During Disaster

WASHINGTON—Military personnel and dependents who were in radiation-exposed areas in Japan during the massive earthquake, tsunami and partial nuclear reactor meltdown are being asked to fill out forms available at MTFs to document their presence in those areas. The forms… Read More

Where There’s Smoke: DoD Investigates Causes of Deployment-Related Pulmonary Symptoms Reported by Troops

The media headlines are almost as incendiary as the dramatic pictures of burn pits splashed across the front page. Blamed for generally harmful and even potentially toxic exposure, burn pits have become a focus of speculation in media outlets from… Read More

While Most Central Line Bloodstream Infections Decline, Kidney Dialysis Bucks The Trend

WASHINGTON, DC—With a decline in the number of central line associate bloodstream infections in intensive care units, the focus is turning to an area where such infections are burgeoning – kidney dialysis clinics. The CDC reported last month that there… Read More

Military Tackles COPD Care

WASHINGTON, DC—In 2005, CDC estimates COPD caused an estimated 126,005 deaths in people 25 years and older in the US. This was an 8% increase from 116,494 in the year 2000. Just as COPD is a concern in the civilian… Read More

Officials Examine Respiratory Issues in Theater

Has the health of servicemembers exposed to burn pit operations in theater been compromised? It is an issue of concern as servicemembers have attributed respiratory and eye symptoms to burn pit smoke. The Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center, the Naval… Read More

Committee Questions Handling of Contaminated Water at Camp Lejeune

WASHINGTON, DC—A House subcommittee was critical of the military’s treatment of Marines and dependents who were exposed to contaminated drinking water while living at Camp Lejeune. In 1980, warnings of the base’s drinking water began to surface and by… Read More