CDC Tackles Heart Health And Winnable Battles In 2012

The CDC is the health sentinel for our nation. Monitoring and surveillance are among our key functions, allowing the country to know the extent of health problems, which populations are most affected and whether interventions are working. We also focus… Read More

First Malaria Vaccine Could Be Available in Four Years

WASHINGTON — The world’s first malaria vaccine may finally be within reach. Scientists and public health officials are optimistic about recent news that a malaria vaccine candidate was able to reduce the risk of malaria by half in young African… Read More

Public Health Officials Optimistic About Dengue Fever Vaccine in A Few Years

WASHINGTON, DC—With two-fifths of the world’s population at risk for dengue fever, a severe flu-like illness which sometimes leads to fatal complications, the development of a vaccine has long been an important, albeit elusive, goal in managing the disease. Now,… Read More

CDC Reports Asthma Prevalence Remains at Historic High

WASHINGTON, DC—Although an increase in the prevalence of asthma has slowed since the mid-1990s, it still remains at historically high levels, a CDC report released this year found. In 2009, nearly 8.2% of Americans surveyed had asthma, an increase of… Read More

CDC: Many in US with High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Not Treated Effectively

WASHINGTON, DC—Two out of three US adults with high cholesterol and half of US adults with high blood pressure are not being treated effectively, according to CDC’s Vital Signs. “Heart disease is the leading killer in America, and the bottom… Read More

More Americans Report Getting an HIV Test

WASHINGTON, DC—Progress has been made in increasing the number of Americans tested for HIV. An analysis of data released in a recent CDC Vital Signs report showed that 82.9 million US adults between 18 and 64 reported having been tested… Read More

Worldwide HIV Elimination Difficult but Necessary, Leading Researcher Contends

—————————————— We Want to Hear From You Has globalization increased our ability to fight disease, our vulnerability to disease, or both?Please click here to participate in this month’s U.S. Medicine readership poll. BETHESDA, MD— “In 1981, we… Read More

Many Smokers Also Use Smokeless Tobacco, CDC Says

WASHINGTON, DC—Many who smoke are also using smokeless tobacco. New data compiled by CDC that covers use of smokeless tobacco in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Guam found that the rates… Read More

FDA Looking to Impact Preventable Medication Harm

SILVER SPRING, MD—“Patient safety is the primary responsibility of everyone who is involved in the healthcare system.” That is the philosophy that underlies FDA’s Safe Use Initiative and what Janet Woodcock, MD, director of the Center for Drug Evaluation and… Read More

US Youth are Vulnerable to HIV Infection, HIV Activists Say

WASHINGTON, DC—At the age of 19, Marvelyn Brown, a college student, was sick in the hospital when she was confronted with the news that she was HIV positive. Now 26, and an activist who promotes HIV testing among young people,… Read More