Stroke Kills Young American Indian/Alaska Natives at Twice Rate of Whites

Stroke Kills Young American Indian/Alaska Natives at Twice Rate of Whites

By Annette M. Boyle ATLANTA – While three-quarters of stroke patients are older than 65, a “brain attack” can affect people of any age. For young American Indians and Alaskan Natives (AI/AN), that information is especially significant because they have… Read More

Uniformed Pharmacists Take Half of Next Generation Pharmacist Awards

By Annette M. Boyle LAS VEGAS, NV — Of the 30 finalists in this year’s Next Generation Pharmacist awards, 30% worked in military or public health pharmacies, the strongest representation seen in the awards program. Even more telling, uniformed pharmacists… Read More

Emphasizing Tradition to Reduce Diabetes in American Indians/Alaska Natives

By Annette M. Boyle Judy Goforth Parker, PhD, RN TAHLEQUAH, OK – Fifty years ago, the Cherokee had no word for diabetes. Today, American Indians and Alaska Native (AI/AN) adults have 2.3 times the risk of developing diabetes, and AI/AN… Read More

Sequestration Takes Toll on IHS Services – Funds Increase Requested for FY 2014

By Sandra Basu WASHINGTON — While the Obama administration recently introduced its proposed Fiscal Year 2014 budget, tribal advocates still have FY 2013 on their minds and are expressing worry about the impact that sequestration is having on healthcare funds… Read More

Moving Forward with Reforming the Indian Health Service

By Yvette Roubideaux, MD, MPH, director, Indian Health Service The IHS Mission, in partnership with American Indian and Alaska Native people, is to raise their physical, mental, social and spiritual health to the highest level. Yvette Roubideaux, MD, MPH The… Read More

Native American Veterans Falling through Cracks Between VA, IHS Healthcare Services

By Sandra Basu WASHINGTON — The VA and IHS need to better coordinate services for American Indian and Alaska Native veterans, federal officials acknowledged at a recent Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing. “For some AI/ANs, navigating the two healthcare systems… Read More

Legislators Raise Health Concerns About Low Funds for IHS Including Sanitation Improvement

By Sandra Basu WASHINGTON — Members of a House subcommittee questioned recently whether the Obama administration’s proposed budget for the Indian Health Service is sufficient to cover critical health needs, especially the lack of adequate sanitation facilities in the majority… Read More

Transforming Care in the Indian Health Service

The IHS mission, in partnership with American Indian and Alaska Native people, is to raise their physical, mental, social and spiritual health to the highest level. Since its establishment over 50 years ago, the IHS has done much to improve… Read More

IHS Works to Resolve Management Problem, Still Underfunded Compared to Other Federal Health Programs, Director Says

WASHINGTON—The Senate Committee on Indian Affairs released an investigative report last year that found that an increasingly high number of Equal Employment Opportunity complaints (EEO) had been filed in the Aberdeen Area, which is made up of IHS and tribally-managed… Read More

For Pharmacist Working with HIV Patients, Medication Adherence Is Key to Success

WASHINGTON, DC—One of the biggest challenges for Lt. Cdr Heather Huentelman, USPHS, Pharm D, is not providing treatment to HIV patients but making sure the patients actually adhere to the sometimes complex drug regimen. “It is the patients that have… Read More

Indian Tradition of Family Care Can Delay Diagnosis, Help for Caregivers

WASHINGTON, DC—Risks for dementia are on the rise among American Indian and Alaska Natives (AI/AN), but cultural traditions sometimes have led to delayed diagnosis and, therefore, inadequate help for family caregivers, according to Indian Health Service (IHS) experts. “I think… Read More

Interagency Tribal Listening Sessions Address Suicide Prevention

WASHINGTON, DC—IHS, SAMHSA, and the Department of the Interior’s Indian Affairs have been holding tribal listening sessions across Indian country to seek input on how the agencies can most effectively work within American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) communities to… Read More

Reforming the Indian Health Service

Yvette Roubideaux, MD, MPHDirector, Indian Health Service Over a year ago, I was honored to be asked to assume the role of director of the Indian Health Service (IHS). Immediately, it was clear that tribes, our staff, and the… Read More

IHS Seeks to Reduce Alcohol-Related Injuries

WASHINGTON, DC—The development of a new strategy is in the works to support Native Americans who find themselves in the the hospital emergency department for alcohol related injuries. David Boyd, MD, the national trauma systems coordinator for the IHS Department… Read More

IHS Tackles HIV Issues with Online Training and New Initiatives

WASHINGTON, DC—Providers play an important role in HIV prevention and care, and IHS is hoping to help providers carry out that role through online training that was developed last year. IHS in collaboration with community members and Native American healers… Read More