Report Examines How to Increase Flu Vaccination Rates

WASHINGTON, DC—A report released last month by a nonprofit organization calls for increased education efforts to encourage flu vaccination, especially among minority groups. While flu vaccination rates reached historical highs last flu season during the pandemic, both H1N1 and seasonal… Read More

IHS Tackles HIV Issues with Online Training and New Initiatives

WASHINGTON, DC—Providers play an important role in HIV prevention and care, and IHS is hoping to help providers carry out that role through online training that was developed last year. IHS in collaboration with community members and Native American healers… Read More

AI/AN Communities Tackle Diabetes Through SDPI

WASHINGTON, DC—Established by Congress in 1997 to respond to the diabetes epidemic in Indian Country, the Special Diabetes Program for Indians (SDPI) provides funding for diabetes treatment and prevention services for IHS, Tribal, and Urban Indian health programs. Current authorization… Read More

Aberdeen Area Comes Under Scrutiny of Senate Committee

WASHINGTON, DC—A Senate committee criticized IHS officials for serious mismanagement issues as well as poor performance by some employees in its Aberdeen Area at a hearing held in September. The Aberdeen Area includes facilities that provide healthcare to about 122,000… Read More

CDC Urges Everyone to Get Vaccinated

WASHINGTON, DC—The CDC is recommending for the first time that all Americans six months and older get vaccinated for the flu. CDC Director Thomas Frieden, MD, explained at a news conference last month that the universal influenza vaccine recommendation was… Read More

IHS Pharmacy Utilizes Initiatives to Boost Efficiency and Patient Safety

WASHINGTON, DC—Receiving medications by mail rather than waiting in line for them is one of the benefits of a new pharmacy initiative piloted by IHS and VA. IHS has recently partnered with VA to pilot an IHS-VA Consolidated Mail Outpatient… Read More