Servicemembers Lose Benefits after Improper Discharges for Alleged Personality Disorders

By Stephen Spotswood WASHINGTON — The U.S. military continues to use improper processes to diagnose significant numbers of servicemembers with pre-existing personality disorders (PD) and then discharge them, according to government documents obtained by an advocacy group. The Vietnam Veterans… Read More

Legislators Raise Health Concerns About Low Funds for IHS Including Sanitation Improvement

By Sandra Basu WASHINGTON — Members of a House subcommittee questioned recently whether the Obama administration’s proposed budget for the Indian Health Service is sufficient to cover critical health needs, especially the lack of adequate sanitation facilities in the majority… Read More

New Report – Expand Pharmacists’ Private Sector Scope of Practice

By Sandra Basu WASHINGTON — Scope of practice for pharmacists in the private sector needs to be expanded to improve the quality and costs of healthcare delivery, according to a new U.S. Public Health Service report. “There has never been… Read More

VA Patients with Certain Types of Cancer Survive Longer

The survival rate for older men receiving colon cancer care and some types of lung cancer in VA was better than similar fee-for-service (FFS) Medicare beneficiaries, according to a study out of Harvard Medical School. 1 Prior to this research,… Read More

FDA’s Role in Protecting US Pharmaceutical Jobs Debated in House Subcommittee

By Stephen Spotswood WASHINGTON — What should FDA’s role be in the continuing globalization of the prescription drug market, and should the agency be obligated to consider the health of the American pharmaceutical industry in any decisions it makes? Those… Read More

Studies Look at Combat Effects on Female Troops and Healthcare Providers

Several recently released studies conducted by a number of federal agencies examine the effects of combat on women, who now make up 15% of American military forces. As military healthcare providers see more frontline action, increased attention is being given… Read More

Legislation Introduced to Help FDA Prevent and Control Drug Shortages

By Stephen Spotswood WASHINGTON — Unless FDA knows of a potential drug shortage in advance, the agency is not very effective in preventing or controlling that shortage, according to a recent government report. The agency also has failed to keep… Read More

Marijuana Use Spikes Among Teens but Cigarette Smoking and Drinking Decline

By Stephen Spotswood WASHINGTON — A new survey of teen drug use shows that, while alcohol use continues its long-term decline, marijuana use has surprisingly spiked, suggesting a changing attitude among teens about the dangers of its regular use. The… Read More

Flu Research Sparks Debate About Bioterrorism and Government Control

By Stephen Spotswood WASHINGTON — In an unprecedented move, a federal panel has asked scientists and science journals to curtail the publication of research into avian flu (H5N1). The request has led to heated discussions among the scientific community and… Read More

White House Positions on Contraceptives Fuel Controversy on All Sides

By Stephen Spotswood WASHINGTON — Controversy over access to birth control is continuing with the Department of Health and Human Services’ recent decision to cover birth control as a preventive service under the Affordable Care Act. Archbishop Timothy Dolan The… Read More

CDC Tackles Heart Health And Winnable Battles In 2012

The CDC is the health sentinel for our nation. Monitoring and surveillance are among our key functions, allowing the country to know the extent of health problems, which populations are most affected and whether interventions are working. We also focus… Read More

Transforming Care in the Indian Health Service

The IHS mission, in partnership with American Indian and Alaska Native people, is to raise their physical, mental, social and spiritual health to the highest level. Since its establishment over 50 years ago, the IHS has done much to improve… Read More

USPHS Pharmacy Prepared to Lead

With nearly 1,200 Commissioned Corps pharmacists and more than 400 civilian and tribally-hired pharmacists serving across 15 federal agencies and five departments, U.S. Public Health Service Pharmacy has harnessed a dedicated cadre of pharmacists with diverse expertise and skill sets.… Read More

Bringing Evidence from Research to the Bedside

Carolyn M. Clancy, MD – AHRQ Director Scientific evidence is the foundation of an advanced healthcare system. While the U.S. medical research enterprise might be the envy of the world, we face a significant challenge in rapidly and reliably… Read More