U.S. Medicine Focus Newsletter

October 2014 Focus

In this Issue: Focus on Oncology Increasing Cancer Treatment Delays Have Plagued VAMCs for Nearly a Decade Male Breast Cancer at the VA Rarer Than the Female Disease, but More Deadly Pharmacy Update Training Program Prepares Military Pharmacy Techs for… Read More

September 2014 Focus

In this Issue: Focus on Pain Telecare Program Effectively Manages Pain, Reduces Opioid Use in VA Patients Research Finds Unexpectedly High Rates of Pain, Opioid Use in Recently Deployed Soldiers Pharmacy Update Statins Reduce Barrett‘s Esophagus; Cancer Precursor Affects About… Read More

August 2014 Focus

In this Issue: Focus on Infectious Diseases HIV/HCV Co-Infected Patients Have No Safe Level of Alcohol Use VA’s Resistant Infection ‘Bundle’ Drives Down MRSA in Community Living Centers Pharmacy Update Milwaukee VA Develops Reversal Protocol for Novel Oral Anticoagulants Diabetes… Read More

July 2014 Focus

In this Issue: Focus on Vascular Disease/Stroke Robotics Help Veterans Relearn Walking Skills after Stroke Damage Stroke Kills Young American Indian/Alaska Natives at Twice Rate of Whites Pharmacy Update Full Cycle Automation Increases Safety at MacDill AFB Pharmacy Mental Health… Read More

June 2014 Focus

In this Issue: Focus on PTSD/TBI Brain Injury from Blasts Possible Without TBI Symptoms VA/Court Partnerships Seek to Keep Troubled Veterans Out of Jail Pharmacy Update TRICARE Limits on Use of Community Pharmacies Creates Firestorm Pain Clinical Consult Chronic Pain… Read More

May 2014 Focus

In this Issue: Focus on Women’s Health New Mothers May Need Training to Pass Postpartum Military Fitness Test Gene Sequencing Helps Target Therapies for Metastatic Breast Cancer Pharmacy Update Consolidated Pharmacy Services in Military to Save $2B by 2019 Osteoarthritis… Read More

April 2014 Focus

In this Issue: News Update Intensive BP-Lowering Didn’t Affect Cognitive Function in Diabetes Focus on Men’s Health New Study: Are ‘Low T’ Guidelines Followed in VA? Prostate Cancer Recurrence Risk Rises 50% with Elevated Glucose Levels Pharmacy Update VA’s Mail-Order… Read More

March 2014 Focus

In this Issue: News Update FDA Reviewing Low-T Therapy After Second Study Shows CV Issues Focus on COPD/Asthma Obstructive Sleep Apnea Significantly Increases Risk of Severe Asthma Bronchial Thermoplasty Brings Long-Term Relief to Severe Asthmatics Pharmacy Update VA Pharmacy Reengineering… Read More

February 2014 Focus

In this Issue: News Update DNA Used to Predict Amputee’s Pain Levels Focus on Cardiology VA, Army Clinicians Rapidly Increase Prescribing of Novel Anticoagulants Female Veterans Develop CVD Risk Factors at Younger Ages Pharmacy Update Greater Pharmacist Intervention Tested to… Read More

January 2014 Focus

In this Issue: News Update Army Announces Warrior Transition Unit Changes Focus on Obesity Leaner Fighting Forces Might Mean Slim Pickings for Recruiters New Formulary Drugs Promote Weight Loss, Reduce Diabetes Pharmacy Update Pharmacist Monitoring Increases Veteran Adherence to ACS… Read More