Medical Equipment

Gait Stride History Makes Leg Prosthetics More Accurate

CHICAGO — Major lower limb amputation accounted for up to 76% of amputations sustained by U.S. military personnel from 2001 to 2011. Although prosthetic lower limbs have been available, they traditionally have not restored full function. Now, according to a… Read More

DoD’s Slow Transfer of Service Records Contributes to VA Claims Backlog

DoD’s Slow Transfer of Service Records Contributes to VA Claims Backlog

By Sandra Basu WASHINGTON – While VA is under heavy pressure from lawmakers to reduce the claims backlog and process claims faster, the agency is not the only one to blame for these delays, according to the DoD Office of… Read More

While Most Central Line Bloodstream Infections Decline, Kidney Dialysis Bucks The Trend

WASHINGTON, DC—With a decline in the number of central line associate bloodstream infections in intensive care units, the focus is turning to an area where such infections are burgeoning – kidney dialysis clinics. The CDC reported last month that there… Read More

Benefits of Robotic Stroke Rehab May Be Less Than Anticipated

WASHINGTON, DC—This time last year, a group of VA-funded researchers at MIT announced that they had developed a robot-assisted therapy for stroke patients that greatly improved patient outcome without significantly raising costs. In chronic stroke survivors, robot-assisted therapy led to… Read More

VA Facilities Exception to Rule with Stroke Belt Mortality

WASHINGTON, DC—Higher risk for post-stroke mortality in the so-called “Stroke Belt” does not seem to apply in VA facilities, according to recent research which cited increased awareness and best practice guidelines as making the difference. Researchers have recognized since the… Read More

Legislators Call for Hearings On VA Infection Control Lapses, Hepatitis Cases

DAYTON, OH—In the latest VA infection control lapse to come under public scrutiny, Ohio-based legislators are pushing for both U.S. House and Senate investigations into practices at a Dayton VAMC dental clinic that may have resulted in nine cases of… Read More

Warfarin Works with Either At-Home or Clinic Testing

WASHINGTON, DC—Patients taking warfarin, a widely used blood-thinning pill that requires careful dose monitoring, have similar outcomes whether they come to a clinic or use a self-testing device at home, according to a recent VA study.  The findings, published in the… Read More

DoD Rolls Out Computerized Medical Records for Anesthesia

WASHINGTON, DC—DoD is in the midst of deploying a tool that will automate recordkeeping for anesthesiologists. Innovian® Anesthesia will be used at the hospital at Kandahar Airfield in Afganistan Innovian® Anesthesia, a tool developed by Draeger Medical, collects vital signs… Read More

Decision Support System Helps Guide Fluid Resuscitation

Washington, DC—Researchers at the US Army Institute of Surgical Research (USAISR) and the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) at Galveston, TX, have developed a new system to help providers better resuscitate burn patients with large burns. The Burn Resuscitation… Read More

VA and Military Seek Innovative Treatments for PTSD

WASHINGTON, DC—Nearly 1.5 million servicemembers have left active duty and become eligible for VA healthcare since the start of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. As many as one third are returning with depression, PTSD, TBI, or a combination of the… Read More