This Year in Federal Medicine – Outlook 2013

Introduction: A Top-Level Look at the Future of Federal Medicine

By Chester “Trip” Buckenmaier III, MD, COL, MC, USA Chester ‘Trip’ Buckenmaier III, MD, COL, MC, USA. Looking back on 2012, I do not think anyone could make an argument that the year was dull. We are well into our… Read More

Telemental Health in VA: A New Source of Support for Veterans

By Robert A. Petzel, MD, Under Secretary for Health, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Robert A. Petzel, MD Last year, VA provided outstanding care to six million Veterans. In the next five years — as America turns the page on… Read More

Military Health System in Time of Transition as Conflicts End

By Jonathan Woodson, MD, Assistant Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs) & Director of TRICARE Management Activity Jonathan Woodson, MD The Military Health System is entering a time of transition. After a decade making unprecedented strides in battlefield care, military medicine… Read More

Army Medicine: Redefining Its Role in the Generation of a Ready and Resilient Force

By Lt. Gen. Patricia D. Horoho, RN, Surgeon General, U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Patricia Horoho, MSN, RN Promoting health for more than 9.7 million beneficiaries in the Military Health System (MHS) is a shared responsibility among the military services, purchased-care… Read More

Navy Medicine: Strong, Agile and Ready

By Vice Adm. Matthew L. Nathan, U.S. Navy surgeon general and chief, U.S. Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery Vice Adm. Matthew L. Nathan As we approach the upcoming year, I am proud to say that the state of Navy… Read More

Air Force Medicine: Averting an Identity Crisis

By Lt. Gen. Thomas W. Travis, Surgeon General, United States Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas W. Travis U.S. military forces, now in the second decade of war, benefit from the vast achievements Army, Navy and Air Force medics have jointly… Read More

Moving Forward with Reforming the Indian Health Service

By Yvette Roubideaux, MD, MPH, director, Indian Health Service The IHS Mission, in partnership with American Indian and Alaska Native people, is to raise their physical, mental, social and spiritual health to the highest level. Yvette Roubideaux, MD, MPH The… Read More

Public Health Service Pharmacy: Accelerating Transformation

By Rear Adm. Scott F. Giberson, RPh, MPh, assistant Surgeon General and chief pharmacy officer, U.S. Public Health Service Rear Adm. Scott F. Giberson, RPh, MPh Pharmacists are the third-largest category (and second-largest professional discipline) of the U.S. Public Health… Read More

The Clinical Pharmacy Specialist’s Growing Provider Role in VA

By Anthony P. Morreale, PharmD, MBA, BCPS; Heather Ourth, PharmD, BCPS, CGP; and Julie A. Groppi, PharmD, CDE  VA Pharmacy Benefits Management Services for Clinical Pharmacy Services and Healthcare Anthony P. Morreale, PharmD, MBA, BCPS Clinical Pharmacy Specialists have an… Read More

Military Pain Management’s Future: Less Invasive, More Data-Driven Techniques

By Col. Chester “Trip” Buckenmaier III, MD, program director, Defense and Veterans Center for Integrative Pain Management Col. Chester “Trip” Buckenmaier III, MD In August 2009, the Pain Management Task Force (PMTF) was chartered by retired Lt. Gen. Eric B.… Read More