Recent Pain Studies

Virtual Reality in Burn Pain Management

Sponsor: United States Army Institute of Surgical Research

Purpose: To examine the safety and efficacy of virtual reality distraction therapy in burn patients experiencing severe procedural pain during wound care. Identifier: NCT00593086

Developing Biomarkers for Fibromyalgia

Sponsor: University of Michigan

Collaborators: The Dana Foundation, Department of Defense

Purpose: The hypothesis of this study is that biological markers are present in the body that are good indicators of chronic pain. Eligible participants will be assessed at baseline and after receiving a series of acupuncture or “sham” acupuncture (something that resembles, but is not, active acupuncture) sessions. If the subject qualifies for the investigators’ research and are subsequently enrolled in this study, they will be randomly assigned to one of these two groups. Identifier: NCT00932061

Low-Dose Opiate Therapy for Discomfort in Dementia (L-DOT)

Sponsor: Department of Veterans Affairs

Purpose: The purpose of this study is to determine whether a low dose opiate pain medication is effective for the treatment of discomfort in patients with advanced dementia. The study medication is also known as Lortab® and contains both a narcotic pain medication and the same pain medication as contained in Tylenol®. The study will also assess how well patients tolerate this medication and will measure the impact that relief of discomfort has on agitation and other symptoms. This study is an eight-week long clinical trial for discomfort among veterans with advanced dementia who are admitted to a nursing home care unit (NHCU) at the Tuscaloosa VA Medical Center. Identifier: NCT00385684

Veterans Walk to Beat Back Pain

Sponsor: Department of Veterans Affairs

Purpose: The objective of this study is to assess whether an Internet-mediated pedometer based intervention will increase walking and improve function among individuals with chronic back pain. Identifier: NCT00694018

Hypnosis to Manage Pain and Symptoms in Patients with Sickle Cell Disease

Sponsor: National Institutes of Health Clinical Center (CC)

Purpose: This study will examine whether hypnosis can reduce the frequency and intensity of pain in patients with sickle cell disease. Identifier: NCT00393250

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