DVBIC Announces Campaign to Raise TBI Awareness

WASHINGTON–The Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center (DVBIC) has launched a new Initiative to increase awareness about brain injuries.

The multi-year initiative, “A Head for the Future,” seeks to make troops, their families and veterans “more aware of the signs and symptoms of TBI and encourage them to seek medical attention when needed and take proper safety precautions to prevent TBIs,” a DVBIC statement explained.

Since 2000, more than 294,000 troops have sustained a TBI. More than 80% of these injuries occur in a non-deployed environment, according to DoD.  

“The majority are related to vehicle crashes, falls or sports injuries,” said Army Col. Sidney Hinds, II, DVBIC national director in a written statement.  “These incidents can be reduced through better TBI awareness and pro-active safety measures. We want service members to seek medical attention if they have had a concussion or think they have been in a concussive event, and to take better precautions to prevent them.”  

According to DVBIC, the program will provide educational materials for troops, line leaders, veterans, medical providers and family members on preventing head injuries and on taking proper safety precautions during high-risk activities.

“The Department of Defense knows that early and appropriate diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of a TBI will shorten the time it takes for a service member to return to duty or the highest level of activity possible to continue their mission,” said Hinds.  “This TBI initiative is about maintaining the combat readiness of our forces, care of our veterans and the safety of our family members.”


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