Does the military need more consistent and effective procedures for getting mild traumatic brain injury patients back to activity?

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  1. Maria Romanas, MD, PhD says:

    My experience is that chronic TBI is really not understood by physicians, not is it being adequately addressed in medical training.

    I am a VA pathologist (MD/PhD) and a survivor of severe TBI at age 18. It took 13 years for me to diagnose myself and 16 more years to find the therapy I needed to overcome my subtle but very real cognitive impairments.

    I had little to no direction, even when I specifically sought it from the very best well-meaning rehab physicians.

    The DoD and DVBIC conducted a conference in 2009 about cognitive rehabilitation in mild TBI. They brought together the best neuropsychologists in the field of cognitive rehabilitation. I found their recommendations very helpful in my search for the help that I needed. Yet, I have not found a physician, VA or academic, who is even aware of this conference nor its recommendations.

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