Have you ever faced retaliation for raising quality-of-care issues at either the VA or DoD?

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  1. ABuckley says:

    The VA Medical Centers do and will continue to do great work–>care of Veterans medically and socially,production of original research that has saved civilian and Veteran lives,the training of numerous medical professionals. However,change is a must. Too often, the Veteran and medical providers are the least important part of the VA equation. Administrators (senior, junior, clerks,and their meetings)as well as the lastest political posturing directs all aspects of patient care. That is where the VA System is failing the Veteran. Our leaders have an opportunity now to make an outstandingly positive change and I hope ‘politicians behaving badly’ will not derail the process. Throwing billions of dollars at the system is not the answer. The dollars must be effectively aimed. Our mission is too important for the present opportunity for change to fail because too many Veterans need the VAMC to be there for them.

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