Who do you fault mostly fault for the current problems at VA medical facilities?

President Obama
Eric Shinseki and VA Administration
Local VA Hospitals
I believe the problems are not as bad as reported in the national media outlets
None of the above/Don’t know

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  1. A.Brooks NP says:

    Being in a “lean” culture, doing “more” with “less” supports an environment that breeds nonproductive creativity. As healthcare providers the emphasis should be more on actual access and quality care rather than the appearance of the aforementioned. It seems that front line employees ought to be able to be creative in developing workable alternatives that are acceptable to improve processes. And those processes should be supported in their implementation.

  2. james wells says:

    Who do you fault mostly fault for the current problems at VA medical facilities?
    1. Central Office Program Offices run amok.
    a. the unfettered growth of program offices at CO, along with the unfettered growth of a ridiculously large set of performance measures promulgated by thes program office staffs create chaotic atmospheres at the CO, VISN and facility levels that distract facility staff from caring for Veteran patients.
    b. solution: 1) if CO was merely 800 or so personnel 20 years ago, and more than 11,000 today, let’s reduce CO staffing by approximately 90%. this will force CO personnel to focus on important measures, important outcomes, as well as giving 10,000 FTE back to the field to care for patients. 2) ensure that all VISNs return to their allowed end strength of 49 FTE

    2. replace the vista scheduling package with something simple.

  3. Joan says:

    When you offer someone thousands of dollars in bonuses, you are asking for trouble.
    The administration gets big bonuses and the people providing the care gets nothing.

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