Many Healthcare Providers Lose VA Retention Bonuses

Please read this article and participate in this month’s online opinion poll about whether VA should be allowed to rescind retention bonuses for healthcare providers without explanation or recourse?

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  1. Susan See says:

    I actually don’t think these bonuses should be offered at all. They cause more harm and resentment than encouraging good employees to stay. Now it doesn’t say stay in the job they are in; it says stay in federal service. That actually sounds stupid. In any case, my son is in a unique job that took him a couple of years to learn; and in his office they have lost so many people, that where there were 5-6 people, there are now 2, expected to cover the same amount of work. Not only that the facility is due to pass an audit which he participated in last time and is the only one who has been through it before. So, they are screwed if he leaves. They gave him a bonus of $1,000/mo for a year; cut it without any fanfare in half last year, and are not being very rude and condescending and challenging him to prove why he deserves it at all. So, you know the people making the decisions are untrained and don’t know the first thing about appreciating employees who work above and beyond. My son feels so unappreciated in having to deal with these base human beings. I don’t blame him. I told him you have to do good work for yourself and not some moron. He could earn twice as much elsewhere but he likes living there. He won’t leave “federal service”. Just maybe, just maybe might leave this job. They don’t deserve him. Oh, and the fact that you are supposed to take the bonus and put it in a box under your bed, and not use it for any of your expenses, well it makes me very afraid that people who write these requirements are in charge of anything.

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