2019 ASCO Reporter

New Trial Looks at Cabozantinib Combo for First Line Advanced HCC Therapy

CHICAGO—No healthcare system has been more affected by the dramatic rise in hepatocellular carcinoma than the VA. In 2000, the VA had 1,361 patients diagnosed with the disease. By 2005, the number of veterans diagnosed... View Article

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Adherence to Oral Cancer Therapies Suboptimal in Single Center Study

CHICAGO—Management of B-cell malignancies is being changed by increasing use of oral targeted agents for therapy. That also is introducing challenges in prescribing practices and communication between patients, their clinicians and pharmacists, according to a... View Article

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Some Mental Health Disorders Lead to Worse VA Lung Cancer Outcomes

CHICAGO—Past research has demonstrated that cancer patients with comorbid mental disorders often have worse outcomes. Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death at the in the United States and is the second most-common... View Article

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VA Creates Highly Accurate Model for Predicting Lung Cancer Survival

CHICAGO—The profusion of data available through electronic health records and genomic analyses can guide lung cancer treatment—if clinicians can access key points quickly enough. Researchers at the Boston VAMC and their colleagues found a way... View Article

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Some Comorbidity Clusters Associated with Lower Survival in Multiple Myeloma

CHICAGO—Multiple myeloma tends to be a disease of older adults, with an average age at diagnosis of 70. By that age, 3 out of 4 Americans have multiple other chronic conditions as well, according to... View Article

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Adverse Events Linked to Improved Outcomes for Hepatocellular Carcinoma

CHICAGO—Patients may dread the side effects of cancer treatment, but the occurrence of certain adverse events during treatment of advanced hepatocellular carcinoma with cabozantinib predicted improved overall survival and progression-free survival in a retrospective review... View Article

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Pre-Treatment Cognition Associated with Lung Cancer Survival

CHICAGO—Among geriatric patients with advanced nonsmall cell lung cancer, pre-treatment cognition provides crucial information for “prognostication, decision making, and treatment planning,” according to researchers at the San Francisco VAMC and their colleagues. The team presented... View Article

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Ketogenic Diet Might Be Helpful for VA’s Cancer Patients

CHICAGO—Researchers at the Pittsburgh VAMC reported a five-patient case series which indicates that a ketogenic diet may help patients with solid tumor cancers. They presented the cases at the 2019 American Society of Clinical Oncology... View Article

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Half of Patients With Fine Needle Aspiration Need Second Diagnostic Procedure

CHICAGO—Fine needle aspiration can quickly determine whether cancer has spread to pathologically enlarged lymph nodes, but it should not be counted on to diagnose new malignancies or to provide tissue for follow on testing, according... View Article

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New Combination Boosts Immune Response in Triple Negative Breast Cancer

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS—A team led by researchers at the San Antonio Military Medical Center at Fort Sam Houston discovered that adding nelipepimut-S to trastuzumab significantly increases immune response in women with triple negative breast cancer.... View Article

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VA Researchers Find Biomarker for Overall Survival in Prostate Cancer

CHICAGO—Tumors do not respond uniformly to cancer therapy. Typically, drug-sensitive portions diminish, while drug-resistant fractions grow. So, what’s the best way to measure efficacy of treatment? And what measures have the most significance for overall... View Article

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No Racial Disparity in Time to Treatment for Colon Cancer in MHS

CHICAGO—Previous studies have indicated that non-Hispanic black adults with colon cancer wait longer between diagnosis and treatment and are less likely to receive guideline-adherent therapy than non-Hispanic white patients. Those disparities do not exist in... View Article

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VA Shows Precision Oncology Feasible, Even in Rural Areas

CHICAGO—The rapid proliferation of targeted therapies has revolutionized cancer care, bringing truly personalized treatment ever closer. Limited access to and use of genomic sequencing, however, has kept many patients from using new medications that could... View Article

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Meta-analysis Confirms First-Line Benefit of Cabozantinib in Metastatic RCC

CHICAGO—A systematic review comparing results of studies of pazopanib and current first-line treatments for metastatic renal cell carcinoma (RCC) confirmed the superiority of cabozantinib and nivolumab plus ipilimumab to the older therapy. The meta-analysis was... View Article

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VA Researchers Identify Likely Subsequent Health Risks for Cancer Patients

CHICAGO—VA researchers have mapped the most common subsequent diagnoses for veterans diagnosed with several common cancers, allowing clinicians to better personalize care and focus prevention efforts. The study, which enabled creation of a network graph... View Article

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