Screening for PTSD

For clinicians in the VA and elsewhere, the study provides even more reason to screen for PTSD and to refer patients for treatment.

“Clinicians should be aware that mental health conditions such as PTSD are increasingly prevalent among young people and may have major implications for their risk of stroke,” Rosman said. “Our findings raise important questions about whether early recognition and successful treatment of PTSD can prevent or decrease the likelihood of developing stroke in those exposed to violence, trauma and severe adversity.”

The VA’s National Center for PTSD recommends a number of PTSD and trauma screening tools, including the Primary Care PTSD Screen for DSM-5, SPAN, SPRINT, and Trauma Screening Questionnaire.

A new biomarker screening tool developed by Army researchers in conjunction with colleagues at New York University and Harvard University may help even more. The new tool uses 28 biological factors associated with PTSD and is 81% accurate in differentiating between veterans with PTSD and those without it. A clear diagnosis could help get more veterans into treatment for PTSD more quickly and reduce their risk of stroke.3 

“Because PTSD is a potentially treatable psychological condition,” Rosman said, “understanding the relationship between the two conditions may have important implications for improving stroke prevention and treatment in young and middle-aged adults.”

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