WRAIR Tests Vaccine for COVID-19—and Future Pathogens

WRAIR Tests Vaccine for COVID-19—and Future Pathogens

At Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, flexibility has been the watchword of the last 18 months. The team at WRAIR pivoted quickly from other work to focus on developing a vaccine for SARS-CoV-2 as soon as the scientific community had access to the full genome in January 2020.

Too Many Veterans With HIV Prescribed Inappropriate BP Medications

HIV patients on anti-retroviral therapy are at increased risk for cardiovascular events, heightening the importance of preventive care. Now, new research has found that selection of blood pressure medication is critically important for this group and can have a significant effect on risk of cardiovascular events or even death.

Academic Detailing Pharmacists Add Pandemic Role: Telehealth Champions

For academic detailers, acting as change agents is nothing new. It’s central to their work as clinical pharmacy specialists and educators. This year, the academic detailers at the VA found their transformative role included a new and urgent responsibility—increasing provider comfort with telehealth technology.