Crohn’s Disease

Could Niacin Megadoses Reduce Crohn’s Inflammation?

AUGUSTA, GA — A receptor already activated with megadoses of niacin to protect the cardiovascular system also might play a key role in preventing colon inflammation and cancer, according to a new study including researchers from the Charlie Norwood VAMC… Read More

Vitamin D3 Supplementation Improves Outcomes, Limits Costs in IBD

JOHNSON CITY, TN — The use of a vitamin D3 supplement not only improved outcomes in veterans with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) to a greater extent than a vitamin D2 formulation but also was better in limiting healthcare costs and… Read More

Early Initiation of Dual Therapy Benefits Veterans with Crohn’s

HOUSTON — Patients with the inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD ) Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis are more likely to benefit if dual therapy with infliximab and an immunomodulator is initiated earlier in their first year of therapy, according to a… Read More