Statins Reduce Some Lymphomas in Veterans With HIV

Statins appear to have immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory effects and appear to reduce cancer risk. A new study sought to determine if that also is the case with HIV patients, who experience chronic inflammation and immune activation.

Weight Gain May Endanger Some Benefits of Hepatitis C Cure

NEW HAVEN, CT—A year ago the VA announced it had eliminated chronic infections with hepatitis C virus in all veterans willing and able to be treated. More than 100,000 veterans achieved sustained virological response or a cure with the help of direct-acting antivirals...

One VAMC’s Story: You’re at Risk All of the Time

One VAMC’s Story: You’re at Risk All of the Time

DC Staff Battles to Save Lives of Veterans With COVID-19 WASHINGTON—The first time Michael Heimall heard about the novel coronavirus COVID-19 was in late January 2020 during a presentation at the auditorium of the DC VAMC. The members of the hospital’s infectious...