What Leads to Pulmonology Referrals for Veterans With COPD?

BOSTON—At the VA and elsewhere, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease  often is managed by primary care physicians and sometimes pulmonologists, but it is not clear what factors spur consultations by pulmonary specialists. In fact, according to a report in Respiratory...

Benzodiazepines Prescribed Long-Term for COPD/PTSD

SEATTLE — Symptoms of insomnia and anxiety are common among patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and that is especially the case among patients with comorbid mental health disorders such as posttraumatic stress disorder, according to a new study.

VA Announces Plans to Create 3D-Printed Artificial Lung

VA Announces Plans to Create 3D-Printed Artificial Lung

3D Printing Already Personalizes Care in Other Ways ANN ARBOR, MI—VA scientists in Michigan recently announced they are working to create a three-dimensional-printed artificial lung. The lab-created lung could transform treatment for some of the approximately one...