Debate Continues on Esketamine Efficacy and Safety for Depression Treatment

Debate Continues on Esketamine Efficacy and Safety for Depression Treatment

PHILADELPHIA—Is esketamine a revolutionary treatment for depression or just another moderately effective adjunctive medication with some potentially serious risks? The VA’s Medical Advisory Panel leaned toward the latter position when it decided in June to approve the use of esketamine on a nonformulary basis for individuals who have previously failed at least two trials of other antidepressants.

Augmentation Better Than Switching Drugs in MDD

The addition of an atypical anti-psychotic medication to an antidepressant regimen for veterans not responding to their current treatment led to greater improvement in symptoms of depression than switching to another antidepressant altogether.

Suicide Attempts in Army Units Appear to Be ‘Contagious’

Study Finds Links Between Higher Individual, Unit Rates BETHESDA, MD—Are soldiers in specific Army units more likely to attempt suicide? A new study looks at that issue and explores what characteristics of the units might influence the decision to take one’s own life....

Combat Increases Female Veterans’ Mental Issues

While an association between combat exposure and post-deployment behavioral health problems has been demonstrated among U.S. military servicemembers returning from Afghanistan or Iraq in predominantly male samples, few studies have focused on the experiences of women.

PTSD/Depression Combination Increases Anger in Veterans

IRVINE, CA — Veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are much more likely to have their tempers erupt if they also are depressed, according to a new study.The study, led by researchers from the University of California Irvine, appeared in the journal...

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