TRICARE Covers 3D Mammograms Under Provisional Program

WASHINGTON — As of the beginning of the year, TRICARE is offering 3D mammograms to screen for breast cancer for eligible patients. Previously, Tricare only covered digital breast tomosynthesis in special case (i.e., after a physician order for at-risk patients or...

Agent Orange Linked to Overall Head/Neck Cancers

PORTLAND, OR — Agent Orange exposure might have had more effect than previously assumed on development of head and neck cancers, according to a recent study. A report in the Oral Oncology journal described how self-reported Agent Orange exposure was linked with...

Two Subtypes of Gulf War Illness Identified

WASHINGTON — Gulf War illness appears to be more complex than previously thought, according to a study using brain imaging of veterans with the condition. The report in Brain Communications discussed how varying abnormalities were detected after moderate exercise that...

Study Finding Could Detect Alzheimer’s Disease Earlier

SAN DIEGO — People who were diagnosed as having “objectively-defined subtle cognitive difficulties” appeared to accumulate amyloid more quickly than those deemed cognitively normal, according to a new study. That information could potentially improve early detection...

If you want to clean up the world, first clean up your room

“My mother used to say to me if you want to clean up the world, first clean up your room.”—S.E. Cupp, CNN interview aired Jan. 4, 2020, 1800 ET.

CNN reporter Sarah Elizabeth Cupp was interviewing Rabbi Joseph Potasnik concerning recent anti-Semitic attacks on members of the Jewish faith. My spouse, Pam, viewed the CNN interview and made me aware of Cupp’s quote used above from the broadcast. My wife and I have been discussing the ongoing challenges to the world’s environment due to the consequences of climate change, the horrifying ongoing bush fire disaster in Australia being the most current and poignant example. Unpleasant changes in our global environment from extremes in weather, animal species extinction or rising sea level seem to be routine on the nightly news.

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