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‘Severe’ 2017-18 Influenza Season Hit VA Especially Hard

This likely will come as little surprise to healthcare professionals who soldiered through it, but the 2017-18 influenza season was the most severe since VA surveillance was initiated in 2009.


VA-Led Study: Absenteeism Drops With Mandatory HCP Influenza Vaccines

New research is raising questions about whether the VA is doing enough to promote influenza vaccination of healthcare personnel.


INVESTED Trial Tests High-Dose Flu Vaccine for Veterans With Cardiovascular Disease

Influenza hits veterans hard, and older veterans with cardiovascular disease face a substantially increased risk of complications and death from the common ailment.


Severe Side Effects Rare in Elderly Veterans Receiving High Dose Influenza Vaccine

Patients over the age of 65 face an increased risk of severe complications and death if they contract influenza.


Low Flu Vaccine Rates at Healthcare Facilities Without Mandatory Shots

ATLANTA –The vast majority of physicians got a flu shot before the 2015-16 influenza season. The issue is how many of their assistants and aides also were vaccinated. An article in the Morbidity & Mortality... View Article


Flu Complications Reduced With Early Antiviral Treatment

CLEVELAND – How does antiviral treatment, pre-existing diseases, and sociodemographic factors affect the risk of influenza-related complications and healthcare utilization? For a report in the journal Current Medical Research and Opinion, case data was obtained... View Article


VA, Veterans Bear High Costs for Annual Flu Season

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION, VT – For the U.S. population in general, seasonal influenza epidemics are a substantial public health and economic burden:  On average, more than 200,000 people are hospitalized and an estimated 23,000 Americans... View Article


Timing of Flu in HIV Patients Vaccinated Early

SAN DIEGO – Past research has shown that patients with HIV infection vaccinated early in the flu season are generally more likely to contract influenza or influenza-like illness (ILI), compared with those receiving late vaccination.... View Article


For Veterans and Armed Forces, Risk Remains Despite Flu Shots

While influenza vaccine is the first line of defense against an infectious disease that can dramatically affect troop readiness, it is far from 100% effective.


Algorithm Helps Identify Highest Influenza Activity

AMHERST, MA – A new tool can assist public health practitioners, researchers, and clinicians in defining the community-level onset of seasonal influenza epidemics. Using recent surveillance data on virologically confirmed infections of influenza, a team... View Article


Rapid Vaccination Can Prevent Deaths, Costs in Flu Pandemic

STANFORD, CA – Rapid vaccination is key to averting deaths and saving tens of millions of dollars in treatment costs from a severe influenza pandemic occurring with a strain as lethal as human influenza A... View Article


Flu Outbreak on Navy Ship Despite Mandatory Vaccinations

SAN DIEGO – Since the 1950s, a policy of mandatory annual vaccination for active duty personnel has been largely successful in limiting influenza epidemics in the military. The current DoD influenza vaccination policy mandates that... View Article


Mandatory Vaccine Program Lowers Provider Sick Days

SAN FRANCISCO — A mandatory vaccine program could attenuate at least some of the effect of acute respiratory infection (ARI) exposures among providers, according to a report from the Respiratory Protection Effectiveness Clinical Trial (ResPECT).


Education Affects Troops’ Desire for Avian Flu Vaccine

SILVER SPRING, MD — How willing would deployed U.S. military personnel be to receive a hypothetical avian influenza vaccine?


Veterans Have Higher Rates of Flu Vaccination

NORTH HILLS, CA — Compared with the general population, veterans are more likely to be vaccinated against seasonal influenza and H1N1, according to a new study.

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